February 25, 2006

Gotta Love Family - Hmfph

I was surfing the blogs trying to spark my memory to come back. There has been a lot of blog fodder this week, but I didn't write anything down. Now I can't remember it. I was hoping that reading blogs would help stimulate my mind... until I read a comment at my own blog by my own sister!!!

In response to GuyK at Bou's, that is because they were all at VW's wedding and simply disappeared after that. I have a picture around here somewhere to proof it. That is, unless, of course, bug, wants to fork over some blackmail so I don't post it.

And so you don't have to go hunting for GuyK's quote on Bou's story about our kids eating breakfast together... here it is:

Good looking bunch and must be pretty good kids-I didn't see any policemen in the background nor a fire anywhere

Ok, Sis... what do you want? No fireman/policeman pictures over here. I would never live it down.

Posted by vw bug at February 25, 2006 08:21 AM | TrackBack

Ummmmmm..... let me think..... I'll have to get back to you on that, unless, of course, anyone out there has any really interesting ideas.

Posted by: Tink at February 25, 2006 11:05 AM

Wait. I was AT your wedding. I'm so lost!

Posted by: Bou at February 25, 2006 02:37 PM

My sister is great at 'modifying' pictures... haven't I ever shown you the one she made of me for Halloween one year? It scares me when I see it... The eyes, the horns, the background.

Posted by: VW Bug at February 25, 2006 03:14 PM

"No fireman/policeman pictures over here."

Can't believe one of the girls in my blogfamily would EVER type this sentence :-)

Posted by: Harvey at February 26, 2006 10:42 AM