March 20, 2006

My Mother is a Saint

Not me. My mom. Really. Tink and I were talking... and this is what Tink had to say:

And she really is a Saint to have put up with the antics of shorty and vw. As the oldest you would have thought I would have been the one to push her over the edge (Tink did occasionally - GRIN), but I just brought mice and snakes home. Whereas shorty and vw tried their best to give poor dear mom a bad rep.

Case #1: Shorty was riding her bike. She rode it down a hill she was told not to. Fell. Skinned up pretty badly, blood everywhere. So what does she do? She goes into the house crying (by the way mom had company) and saying "I didn't mean it mom. I'm so sorry."

Case #2: vw and the horse (okay sis, you were actually there so write it correctly)

I'll take it from here... I use to ride and teach horseback riding. There was one day when I was working with a new horse and it tried to jump the fence. Normally not a problem but on the other side of this fence was a very deep swale. Nope, not going to let the horse jump that one. Stubborn horse. I ended up having to bring it down to stop it. Down on my leg. Ouch. Well, I'm crying (it hurt), I'm trying to check out the horse, and then one of the stable owners comes over. She helps me make sure that the horse is ok and then offers to take me home. I start freaking. No No, I don't want mom to know I'm hurt. She explains there is no way I can ride my bike home considering how bad I'm limping.

I let her take me home. Now I'm really freaking. Mom comes out and the owner is telling her what happened and how it's not my fault. I'm apologizing to mom for getting hurt. Mom is very calm about all this (guess past experience helps) and told the owner she appreciated her bringing me home.

I remember the next time I went to the stables the owner gave me a hard time. Telling me how nice my mom was about it all and how silly it looked with me apologizing for getting hurt. What can I say?

Now who doesn't think this woman should be made a saint?

Posted by vw bug at March 20, 2006 06:30 AM | TrackBack

I'll vote for your mom for sainthood. She put up with me spending the night all the time. You're mother is wonderful.

Posted by: Sticks at March 20, 2006 05:23 PM