March 21, 2006

This Mom Isn't Perfect

Sad but true. Seems Tink and my mom have been discussing my life lately. It also seems that Tink has been mentioning it to another 'family member' - Harvey that is. I owe Contagion for getting her started. He asked for some "dirt on me" and she is hunting for it. Only thing going for me is that she was not around when I was a teenager and in college.

But the latest is to show that this mom isn't perfect. Ricotta cheese and garlic. Those ingredients will live with me forever.

It started when I asked mom if I could make dinner for a boyfriend. I could bake cookies, cakes and make fudge... I certainly could cook a dinner - right? Don't answer that yet. I decided I wanted to make Lasagna. Asked Mom for the recipe. Got a list of ingredients and went shopping. I couldn't find ricotta cheese. When I got home, I told mom about it. She told me to get started and she would go get me some. Well... when she got home I asked her if she had anymore garlic. Yep, you might guess where this is going. It called for 3 cloves of garlic. I only found 2. Mom then stated that she had 2 bulbs of garlic. Uhhh. Bulbs? What is a bulb versus a clove? Yes people, I made the lasagna with 2 bulbs of garlic. 1 bulb is about 10 cloves ... I put in about 20 cloves of garlic when it called for 3.

And yes we ate it.

Posted by vw bug at March 21, 2006 06:05 AM | TrackBack

Wow! That's some serious lasagna!!! Bet y'all had nice breath for weeks, huh? Hahahaha!

Lasagna was the first dinner I made too. Then I got called in to work early (at my fast food job) and missed dinner! But my parents brought me some at work when it was done.

Posted by: Marie at March 21, 2006 09:36 AM

SWEET! I bet that was awesome to eat!

Posted by: Ogre at March 21, 2006 01:00 PM

I love garlic. Your lasagna sounds delicious!

Posted by: PrimoDonna at March 21, 2006 03:12 PM

Yummy! Lasagna was my first meal as well.

Posted by: Carmen at March 21, 2006 03:23 PM

You were subconsciously warding this suitor off.

Posted by: Sticks at March 21, 2006 03:47 PM

I can't believe how many people choose Lasagna....
when my then fiance asked me 'if you could have anything for dinner, what would it be?'I chose lasagne...

He ended up calling is bro and sis-in-law over who cooked it, and instead of a romantic dinner, we had company!

Posted by: Rave at March 21, 2006 04:47 PM

Hoo boy... no vampires at your house that night! :)

Posted by: Richmond at March 21, 2006 07:24 PM

I love garlic, so I must ask... was it good?

Posted by: Contagion at March 21, 2006 10:35 PM

I liked it enough to eat the whole amount over the next week. But I sweated garlic, breathed garlic for a while. I have never made it with that much again. Partly because I hated peeling all those little cloves.

Posted by: VW Bug at March 22, 2006 07:45 AM

That actually sounds yummy! :-)

*jots down recipe*

Posted by: Harvey at March 23, 2006 04:12 PM