April 06, 2006

The Poopie Story

It all started with a car like this:

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= = = = =

Not that exact car, as ours is missing in action. And has a lot more worn look to it. Wonder if Uncle J took it home?

I wasn't in the room when it started, but when I showed up.... they were holding this car over each others head and talking about poop. And hollaring to get it off as they didn't want poop on their heads. Each taking a turn doing this to the others in the room. Except Aunt B. For some reason she got left out. It may have been her willingness to be a victim and let them put the car on her head. Or just because Uncle J was much more expressive when it was done to him.

Either way, Uncle J, Dad and Tater were having a blast. Tot was laughing along with them, even if he wasn't really participating. I thought better of it and just left the room again.

Next thing I know, we are in the car going to the store and Tater is asking Uncle J to tell him a story. Right now we are into Pirate stories. Tater will pretty much tell you the story he wants you to tell him. Uncle J had a different idea and wanted to tell him a "Poopie" story. Just to help you out, Uncle J should have been an actor. His facial expressions, body language and voice can make you laugh at just about anything. Add to that a 3 year old and the laughter is infectious.

Tater decided that it should be a Pirate story... hence it became the Poopie Pirate story. I think the actual story is 5 lines. But the ability for Uncle J to get us all to laugh at it was great. And now I am asked when Uncle J is going to be back to tell us another Poopie story. Yes folks, I convinced my kids that only Uncle J could tell those stories. Not mom. Phew.

Oh, the story? It went something like this (with much laughter):

There were two pirates... Goof and Ball... the brother goofballs. They were on a pirate ship. Goof had to go the bathroom. There wasn't one, so he went on the ship. The poopie pirate ship.

The end. Now keep in mind I was laughing so hard, I'm not sure if I have the story right. The kids faces just were too much!

Now all I hear about is Poopie. Oh yes, I am thinking this might be better than farts.. but not much.

Posted by vw bug at April 6, 2006 07:20 AM | TrackBack

arrrrrrr mateeeeeee!! the poopie car is buried deep deep in the car container!! lets call it buried treasure! later goofball brothers!!

Posted by: uncle j at April 6, 2006 10:19 AM

Please, please, please, don't ever let Uncle J and Bombshell get together.

Posted by: Tink at April 8, 2006 07:43 AM