June 01, 2006

Whack the Mole, sorta

There is a new game in the house. When mom is busy doing something (dishes, laundry, cleaning toilets), children must run around like mad men. Tater then will put out an arm and 'whack' his brother as they run past one another. Tot has not quite caught on to how this works... that and his brother's arms are longer... for now.

Watch mom get pissed off, put children in time out or possible just one child (hint hint - rhymes later), let mom cool off and then repeat. It's going to be a l.o.n.g summer.

Posted by vw bug at June 1, 2006 05:14 AM | TrackBack

Sounds like Tater needs some chores of his own!

Maybe he can whip up dinner while you're scrubbing! I'm sure it would be tasty!

Posted by: Marie at June 1, 2006 09:44 AM

Or you could duct tape them to the floor! Oh wait, the mommy police probably won't like that...

How about using bubble wrap?? Have you tried encapsulating them in bubble wrap?? No.... that's bad too.

But this worked for me... take 5 of a favorite snack/treat and put them in a small dish or baggie.

Show them to the boys and then put them on a (high) shelf in the cupboard and explain the rules...

Now *every* time one brother "hit's" another brother the hit-er has to give the hit-ee a treat from his own dish. (Or Mom makes a production of taking a treat from one dish and puting it in another.)

Remaining treats to be consumed at the end of the day. Good luck.
(and as they get older, this works with quarters too...)

Posted by: Richmond at June 1, 2006 02:47 PM

Hey, I like that cartoon!

Posted by: Sissy at June 1, 2006 08:31 PM

Funny, but my boys got along rather well....until they hit the teenage years. Now they argue like fiends!

I would have taught Tot a counter-move to Tater's out-stretched arm....equal the playing field, you know? heheheh

Posted by: Rave at June 3, 2006 09:05 AM

I like Richmond's idea, except knowing your boys, it probably wouldn't work.

Posted by: Tink at June 4, 2006 01:03 PM