June 13, 2006

Tater / Tot's Garden

Took the picture before we started to get rain. Surprising that the garden is surviving. Must say Tater shocked Dad... when Tater went over and was pulling weeds out of it yesterday. Yes, weeds, not the plants. But getting those boys to water it??? Wasn't happening. Good thing we are getting rain.

In a couple of days, I'll post a picture of the garden now that it has been raining for 3 days in a row. Bet you see a big difference.

Posted by vw bug at June 13, 2006 08:32 AM | TrackBack

It looks great!

Posted by: oddybobo at June 13, 2006 08:39 AM

Dash would be jealous of this garden, it looks huge.

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at June 13, 2006 08:58 AM

Too fun! :)

Posted by: Richmond at June 13, 2006 01:36 PM

Like this... I tried to comment on this one & couldn't!

What are you/they growing?

Posted by: Marie at June 15, 2006 08:11 AM