July 08, 2006

Meme, Mimi, Momo, Mumu

Found this first at Jennifer's... then saw that Jenny played along... I decided to give it a shot. If you wish to find out more about what I picked... click on the word Wikipedia in the first rule.

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
5. One holiday or observance (if any).

three events

  1. 1693 - Date traditionally ascribed to Dom Perignon's invention of Champagne.
  2. 1782 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is married to Constanze Weber.
  3. 1985 - In a day of milestones, Tom Seaver of the Chicago White Sox becomes the 17th pitcher to win 300th career games and Rod Carew of the California Angels becomes the 16th player ever to collect 3000 career hits. Seaver pitches the White Sox to a 4–1 six-hit victory on Phil Rizzuto Day at Yankee Stadium as 54,032 New Yorkers cheer him on, while Carew bloops a single to left off Frank Viola in the 3rd inning of the Angels 6–5 win over the Twins. It marks the only day in which two men reach these two milestones on the same day.

two important birthdays

  1. 1805 - William Rowan Hamilton, Irish mathematician (d. 1865)
  2. 1900 - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Mother of the United Kingdom (d. 2002)
one interesting death
  • 1997 - Jeanne Calment, the oldest ever human.
one holiday or observance
  • Roman Catholicism - the feasts of at least 3 saints:
    • St. Saint John Vianney, the patron saint of priests
    • St. Dominic
    • St. Luanus/Lugid
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