July 13, 2006

Rainy Summer Days

My boys can look like twins on occassion. And playing in the rain together made them look like twins to me!

= = = =

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and then you have Tater 'dancing/singing in the rain' while Tot is showing his abilities to 'slide to the plate' in the background.

Still not completely back to 'normal' on posting. Hopefully I'll catch back up soon. It is not so easy getting the data off the old laptop and saved. Funny how that takes time. Something I don't have a lot of now adays.

But the good news... and one of the things taking time... my hubby bought me a new laptop. Which means I'm getting data off the old one, saving it, installing new stuff on the new one, trying to get everything set up on the new one. Not exactly easy stuff when you only get a few minutes here and there.

Oh... and I have to get the guest room cleaned up... the in-laws are coming this weekend. I think they are going to be surprised. My hubby probably has a ton of chores for his dad! That garage door opener, leveling out some ground, installing wood in the attic floor... ;-) Hopefully they will just get to enjoy the kids!

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Those boys are just so cute.

BTW, what is 'rain'? Only the old timers know of it around here!

Posted by: Mrs_Who at July 13, 2006 08:58 AM