July 24, 2006

Half Way Mark

Wow. Hard to believe we have been here 5 days. Ok, 4 1/2. Still... time flies when you are having fun. There are lots of stories and pictures. Which means I will have a lot of typing to do and uploading of pictures when I get back. This is the first time I have had a chance to really sit down and type. And I'm sure it won't last.

Then again, my sisters must have taken 600 pictures between them on Saturday. I am hoping I still have a few spots left on my memory card... I have taken close to 100. Nope, not as crazy as my sisters on picture taking. Might be because I can't take the pictures off my memory card and am stuck until I get home. Or it just might be that they like to take pictures more than I do.

No matter the reason, I'm excited that I will be getting a copy of them. Particularly since most of them were taken at Tater's birthday party. Oh... did I mention Tater turned four on Saturday? Yep, he is now the big FOUR.

Like I said, lots of stories and pictures.

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