August 04, 2006

Calendar Fun

Tater is really into calendars and figuring out which day is which. It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to translate some of his statements:

Tater says "Next week", Mom knows it means "Tomorrow".
Tater says "Dinner time", Mom knows it means either "time to eat in the morning, noon or night" depending on time of day it is mentioned. Yes, he knows breakfast, lunch and supper... not sure where this statement came from in his mind.

While at Mammaw's we created one with his birthday highlighted and our trip. He loved it. Every morning he ran to me and asked to put a sticker on it.

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I have another one done for the first 3 weeks of August. Not taking a picture of it because my artwork sucks lemons. You try drawing a picture to tell a kid it's time to go to the Barber.... oh #*&$() I just realized I could have drawn a Barber pole. Nope, not redoing it and I'm still not taking a picture.

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