August 15, 2006

Questioning Tink

Tink has an interview with Basil the first week of September. It turns out that Basil is having a contest for a DVD if you submit questions...

Here's the deal. All emails with questions submitted in August will get thrown into a hat (now I have to go buy a hat). At the end of August, I'll pick one email. Randomly. Actually, I'll count the number of emails submitted in August, then have Excel or something generate a random number from 1 to that number. Then that number email (counting from the top) will be the winner.

The prize? Well, the Catfish T-shirts are all reserved for another giveaway. So, we'll give away a DVD from Which DVD? Well, I'll let the winner choose. As long as it's reasonable and in stock. I'll buy it and send it out to the winner.

How's that sound? Good old fashioned bribery.

Now add to that, I want to see how many questions my sister can get... It all started when one of her readers sent in 31 questions. I'm her sister and could only come up with SIX!!! How about you? Can you come up with imaginative and fun questions? Anything goes, but remember you are NOT anonymous. **snicker** Got to enjoy the old fashion pain in the rear love between sisters.

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