November 11, 2006

Thank YOU!

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw all the donations to Valour-IT this morning. Wow. That was just great. You made my day. For everyone that donating a huge Thanks. And don't forget, you can still donate today. Today is the last day!!! I donated this morning. Yipeee!!!

And thank you to all the veterans out there. You have been what makes this country strong.

I had this portion of a poem on my post last year and wished I had copied it all... as the link is not longer valid... but just this little portion helps us remember:

It was a veteran, not a reporter, Who guaranteed freedom of the press.

It was a veteran, not a poet,
Who guaranteed freedom of speech.

God bless you all.

Posted by vw bug at November 11, 2006 09:07 AM | TrackBack

That's a very nice quote. thanks for posting it!

Posted by: michele at November 13, 2006 01:40 AM

Preliminary totals exceeded expectations, come by my place for champagne ;)

Posted by: Laurie at November 14, 2006 11:06 PM

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