November 17, 2006

Good Morning Blog World

Seeing as how I have promised the bug that I would look after things around her house I stopped by this morning to check thinks out. I have already did a bit over at MY PLACE.

The bug e mailed me with a suggestion that I link THIS. Now this is interesting. Want to know where your spouse is sleepin' when she/he ain't sleepin' with you? Just click on the place and put in the cell phone number. I bet it don't take long before there will be a lot of cell phones left on the golf course or in the bar, huh?

VW should be getting close to seeing Micky Mouse by now. I reckon it is a good thing for the Bug family that ole Micky didn't get enough votes to be senator. Orlando is a lot closer than the Washington DC...

I was gonna clean house while I was here but VW left everything in tip top shape. Now this does surprise me..most of the engineers I know are neatness freaks on the job but never make a bed at home. Well, that could be because most of the engineers I know run trains and have these women at home what make the beds...used to know one of those women who made the bed every time we got out of it...what a neatness freak she was...

I was gonna post some pictures but I ain't all the familiar with this format. Maybe later I can mess this place up GOOD. But in the meantime I'll just leave THIS HOLIDAY GREETING for you. It ain't really porn but then is all in the mind of the viewer, huh? Y'all come back, heah?

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the phone thing....


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