November 18, 2006

Good Morning Blog World

I was brousing through the bug's closets to see if she took the kid's coats with them to Orlando..she didn't. Well, from the looks of those old coats she needs to spring for some new ones anyway. I know it doesn't get cold down here in South Florida but it is cold at my place and I ain't that far from Orlando. That Magic Castle in Disney World gonna be looking like the Ice Palace if it gets much colder.

I tried to do a post on my place this morning but blogspot is down..that time of the month again and it comes by pretty regularly now. I would change servers except I am too tight..blogger be free. I look at blogger a lot like some people look at life..they don't expect much and they are seldom deceived.

I hope Bug is having a good time..but I'll be glad to see her get home. I have not had the heart to mess this nice place ...yet...but the urge has come over me. If I can ever figure out how to post some pictures here...

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I look at blogger like I look at the fridge.
If I open it up and look around enough times, eventually I'll see something I crave.

Posted by: Roses at November 18, 2006 12:43 PM