December 10, 2006

Green Thumb

Mom is n.o.t. the one with the green thumb in this family. Tater is. But plants seem to survive despite me. Weeds love me. In fact, I had to weed a spot for Tater's latest plant. And here it is:

= = = =

While doing this, I discovered there was a tomato plant growing in the garden. It is laying on the ground and happy as can be. In fact it has three tomatoes. Here it is:

= = = = =

Need to get those tomatoes off the ground, but don't know how without killing the plant. Ought to be interesting.

Posted by vw bug at December 10, 2006 06:44 AM | TrackBack

no problem with the plant..put a stake in the ground and tie it but do not tie tight around the branch..just loop the string under it..all of my tomato plants are staked and tied

Posted by: GUYK at December 12, 2006 01:18 PM