January 18, 2007

This Is The Way We Make A Mess

I decided to try some new 'organic' all purpose flour. This meant fun for the boys. Bread from scratch!

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I must remember to turn the TV off when we are working in the kitchen together:

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Someone stopped by and while I was talking to them out front, there ended up flour all over the floor. Tater was a sweetie, because when I came back in he was trying to clean it up. I vacuumed the flour and my boys and cleaned it up. Next time I will have to just tell them I'll get with them later. Sigh... must engage brain when children are around... ohhh wait... that means it must be working 24x7. Sigh... not going to happen. GRIN

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I didn't start making homemade bread until my kids were older....not sure if that was smart or not....it sure would have been a lot of fun to have them 'help' me.

Posted by: Rave at January 18, 2007 10:49 AM