February 08, 2007

With a Cough Cough Here

What a week. Last night I had to call the Doctor at 7pm. Tot would not stop coughing. I nebulized, I gave cough medicine, I panicked. He is the one that always get the bad stuff really quickly. Don't get me wrong, Tater had pneumonia of the left lung at 4 months... he certainly can worry me. Tot... Tot just has this knack for getting stuff and not having it really seen by me until it has hit a critically bad point.

Turns out the doctor had me put him in the hot steamy bathroom, give him prednisone and nebulize again. Phew. It worked. I stayed up and wrote posts for my sister, Tink, who had the blue screen of death and then decided to go play games so I could nebulize him one more time before I went to sleep. Not the best choice. I was up until 4am this morning. He decided at 10:30pm (when I was going to nebulize) would be a good time to have another coughing fit.

I also went and marked the following so I could have them in today's post:

Microsoft puts out a Blue Screen of Death screensaver that looks real. (cross posted at Tink's place, go there to get the link). Which reminded me of the old WinRoach program that would have roaches crawl everywhere when you moved a window. Or occasionally just crawl from one window to another.

GuyK had me rolling with laughter on THE POST he dedicated to Bou and myself. Go check it out.

Go wish OddyBobo congrats on her 10 pounds of weight loss!!!

AWTM has a duck recipe that sounds delicious!!! Check it out HERE.

Bou had me laughing with her ability to not hear properly when concentrating. HERE is that post. Not that it had anything to do with my posts on Vultures. ;-)

Pam gives us pictures of her 12 week old. Go Enjoy!

Practical asks if what works with her child will work with her husband in THIS POST. And congrats on the potty chair christening!

And if you have $14.95... THIS POST by Bitterroot will be what you are looking for!!!

Posted by vw bug at February 8, 2007 05:50 AM | TrackBack

Oh my goodness! I hope you get to catch a nap today, VW!! Sounds scary. I get nervous when my hubby has an asthma attack, and he's a grown man! Can't imagine with a child...

Thanks for the linkage!!

Posted by: Marie at February 8, 2007 08:39 AM

I hope you can catch a cap nap! Those treatments really help but always would make my son really hyperactive.

Posted by: maranda rites at February 8, 2007 03:56 PM