March 02, 2007

Bunnies and Tie Fighters

The first picture is a bunny (NOT the Easter Bunny - or so Tater told me in a very loud voice) with a carrot. That is the Bunny's hand around the carrot.

I lucked out because I thought it was the Easter Bunny and asked him if that was it. With the rounded ears... it was really hard to figure it out. I just got corrected and told it was a Bunny. I also guessed the carrot correctly. Still, at 4 years of age, not bad. Certainly better than anything I could draw!

The Tie Fighters were a give away to anyone that knows my boys. The dots are the guns. He is starting to add details to pictures and I think it is great. He even told me it was the 'Advanced Tie Fighter' and the 'Tie Fighter'. Yaa. He knows wayyyy too much about Star Wars for never having seen the movies.

Hopefully later I will have some amusing stories about phone calls, and other items on Star Wars Legos. The lego game and the lego pieces you can buy.

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