March 06, 2007

Boys and Bras

I had to laugh when I saw AWTM's dilemma of shopping for undergarments with children. It brought to mind last Friday when I had to go bra shopping and Tot was dragged along with me. We ended up in Victorian Torture... oh wait... Victoria's Secrets.

They have a very limited selection in my size, so I didn't think it would take long. But it took just long enough for Tot to grab my T-shirt and head out of the dressing room door. No salesman in site. I had to see if I could reach him without the door closing. What seemed to me to be a thousand minutes only lasted a minute or two. And I think only one or two customers got an eyeful of me in shorts and a bra. Luckily I got Tot back in before the door closed... silly things lock automatically. I could see me having to walk around the store trying to find one of those annoying salesman to open it. Sigh.

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If you stuff your bra with money, and then spend all the money on new bras, are you then "flat busted"?

Posted by: Roses at March 7, 2007 09:00 AM