May 08, 2007

Sleeping Beauties

I just couldn't resist. Yes, Tot wore his spiderman costume to bed...

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= = =

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Posted by vw bug at May 8, 2007 06:53 AM | TrackBack

That first picture is an clear example of why you should never sleep with children.

Posted by: Sticks at May 8, 2007 11:15 AM

Sweeties. Aren't they such angels when they sleep?

LOL at Sticks' comment... so true!

Posted by: Marie at May 8, 2007 02:41 PM

I now miss my Incredible Hulk underoos more than a 28-year old man has any business missing underwear.

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I'd value any feedback/wisdom you have to offer an up-and-comer.

Posted by: Matthew M. F. Miller at May 8, 2007 03:03 PM