May 16, 2007

Blog Spammer?

Seems there is just a lot of fun stuff going around right now. I got a letter from Tink that she couldn't post to her blog today. And she sent me in an email why she couldn't post:


This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts.

Save your post as a draft or click here for more about what's going on and how to get your blog unlocked.

This after I clicked on click here and did the word verification....

Your blog is locked

Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

We received your unlock request on May 16, 2007. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.

She was pissed and I was laughing. My sister? A Spammer?? baw hahhahha.. The tears still come to my eyes when I see this. And then the "Since you're an actual person reading this, "... ohhh... I'm still snickering...

The whole point of this, besides getting another laugh, was to give those who read both of us a head's up that she may not be posting much the next day or two until it is fixed.

Posted by vw bug at May 16, 2007 08:00 PM | TrackBack

There are several reasons a blog could get tagged as a splog, most of which don't apply here as far as I can tell - excessive ad content, most links pointing to the same site, hidden text, posts all of a nearly identical size and added at regularly timed intervals (for example a new post added every 3 hours and 15 minutes), or identical posts posted to more than one blog.

That leaves a couple of possiblities: someone tagged it as spam or repetition of a keyword. My guess is it's the second one - the use of "tribulation(s)" in almost every post title (the larger text size probably didn't help here). Bots can't tell the difference between a theme and keyword stuffing.

Posted by: marybeth at May 17, 2007 07:22 AM