July 09, 2007

The Emails Come To an End for RCT-6

Thank you to everyone that participated! Wonderful. Just wonderful.

From blackfive:

Email 20,000 came in today, from a corporal in the British Army. Sgt. Deboard writes:
We've flown the 6k and 10k flags but still waiting on certificates. Flew the flags on July 4th... oh man, how ironic would it have been if I'd flown the 20k flag on Independence Day then shipped it to an Englishman?

That's highly satisfying. But not quite as satisfying as this:

The bandwidth demands for the inflow of emails have become so severe that the RCT's staff has been forced to order the end of the project for security reasons. Sgt. Deboard regretfully informs us that, after next Sunday, the address will be closed.

I told you at the beginning of this project that I wanted to hear Marines grunting with pain from having to deal with so many emails.

You got us there. I'm proud of you.

If you have a last message of support you've been wanting to send, you've got a week to send it in. All good things come to an end, and I can't imagine a better ending than this one: having to close down because there are just too many letters of support for the Marines to handle, while fighting a war at the same time.

We can keep in touch with the RCT-6 team going forward by using the comments section at their blog. I guarantee you they'll always be happy to hear from a Black Five reader who stops in to chat.

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