August 23, 2007

Clip Art Review

Seems that ReviewMe has another interesting site for me. It caught my eye when it said Free Clip Art for Kids. Yep, I’m all about stuff for my boys now a days and I like to get free stuff if I can find it.

My first thought when I went to the site was ‘Oh, it’s bright’. Very bright, lots of stuff all over. It took me a minute to look it over. I decided to go ahead and register before going too far down any one path. Registration was easy. Finishing the registration by clicking on the email link was a different story.

And I’m still waiting for my ‘email’ to complete my registration. I double checked to see if I typed a valid email address. I even tried registration again, just to be sure. And I did… and now I have been waiting… and may have to continue to wait. I have high security set up on my PC and this may be interfering with the setup. This site has an excellent write-up on their privacy policy. Which wants to use cookies. A quote from the policy is

Unfortunately, if you disable cookies on your computer, you will not be able to take advantage of many of the great features and content the Site has to offer.

On to the rest of the review. While finding the clip art was easy because it was in the center, I found the moving text to the left distracting. While doing my best to ignore the text, I clicked to check out a particularly clip art item, it popped up an ad first. Yes, you can press Skip this Ad. Just be aware of this when you come to this site. The clip art was decent. I can certainly use some of the items I found for my kids crafts. It also gave easy instructions on how to save the clip art.

Peeking around, I decided to see what the games would be like. Uh…. you have to be logged in to use it. Unless I make some changes, I will likely be unable to get to the games. The Arts and Crafts -> Kitchen Table Projects has some good ideas. The Coloring pages are acceptable. Looks like they would be easy for the kids to color. I was not that interested in the Boards, Buzz, or Idol Watch.

If you need clipart for your kids or some easy pages to print and color or ideas for projects… definitely come check this place out.

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Cooool! I have bookmarked this one! Thanks

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