September 14, 2007

Out of Time

There is a book on my side bar. It is a link to Amazon to buy it. I was able to get it for free from the author just for linking to it. Guess what? I love that book. No explicit s.x scenes. Great sci-fi ideas. And plots within plots to keep you wanting to read more. In fact, I actually read it twice. Ok Ok... I had to read it a second time because I know I missed a lot the first time... I was on pain killers and the like for my kidney problems.

I loved it just as much the second time... particularly since more of the book made sense. If you like sci-fi... and just good adventure books... this is for you. No, this is NOT a paid advertisement. The author did NOT ask me to write a post on it. But when I really enjoy a book and can help a fellow blogger make a few extra dollars... AND I want him to write more... I'll certainly put my 2 cents out here. Also, I plan on passing this down to my kids and when they read this post, they'll know how much I enjoyed the book... if I forget to tell them (or I'm too senile to be able to say something). Ahhh... now to find something else to read that says more than "Biscuit come back. Woof Woof!" and to get off this computer for a while...

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Thank you - I'm really flattered.

Posted by: The Gray Monk at September 14, 2007 12:06 PM