October 19, 2007

Oops, I

miscounted. I actually missed two days... the 14th and the 16th. Oh well, such is life. Still haven't heard from the bug, but I am sure that means she is having a swell time in the pirate pool (btw bug, I didn't see any pirates in the pictures you sent). I also presume this means that Tater has recovered from his bout with the fever.

They are trying to make the best of it this time as Tater will be in first grade next year and they will not be able to just pack up and go whenever they want again. Must be hard, NOT.... What does she think we normal (or abby normal, if you prefer) people do all the time.

Oh darn, I just realized I picked up the anti-flu Kleenex(r). I really hate them. The citric acid, or maybe its the sodium lauryl sulfate, makes my nose burn.

Oh, sorry about that, totally off topic. Now what were we talking about. Oh yes, Bug and her worries about not being able to just pack up and go to Disney or Sea World or etc. No doubt the potatoes will adjust just fine, so it must be some latent genetic disorder of Bug's that makes her insists she must visit these places at least once a month. She must have gotten from Brains, because I know for a fact that a latent genetic disorder of this magnitude does not exist in my side of the family. And since she happens to be a part of my side of the family, it only stands to reason that she picked up via osmosis from Brains. Though I guess it is possible she caught it from her ex. Yeah, let's blame him. Ex's are always good for placing blame. (Hi ex, you know I'm only kidding, right? right? LOL).

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I tried to stalk her, but our schedules wouldn't mesh. :(

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