November 15, 2007

Hair Cut Conversations

Tuesday afternoon we went for a hair cut trip... It was perfect that I saw THIS POST the next day. Go on, take a look. You won't be gone for a minute. And I couldn't post this yesterday because I wanted to leave the posts up for my mom's birthday alone.

We go to a place called Quick Cuts. You go in, sign in and wait for the next available person. Though I have made requests to wait for a particular person before... she was not working this week.

As we sit there waiting our turn... the boys found a book with different hair cuts in it. Initially the conversation went something like this:

Tot: Mom, mom, mom... make your hair red... like this
** it was a bright bright red **
Mom: Ahhh. No.
Tater: Mom, get all your hair cut off. Go bald!
Mom: I would be ugly bald and I don't think your dad would appreciate it.
Tot: Ohhh like this one
** it was some movie star ugly hair cut with the hair at the neck and over the eyes and striped **
Mom: No.
Tater: Get it cut just above your ears!
Mom: I would look like a mushroom, is that what you want?
Tater, Tot: YES!!!
Mom: No.

And the conversation continued over to the beautician. Yaa... they asked her to shave me... she said no. Then make me look like a mushroom. She laughed and said no. Thank goodness!!!

Yaa. Next time I get my hair cut without them. ;-)

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The boys and I did the haircut thing yesterday. Fortunately I was the only one making suggestions on styles! Although Biper did want a mohawk and I said no.

Posted by: cynthia at November 16, 2007 12:18 AM