December 11, 2007

I Love Daddy

While I find the conversation I had with Tot very funny, I'm not sure how many others will understand the humor of it. Still... for your enjoyment...

Tot had a birthday party to go to on Saturday evening. It was at the bowling alley and I was sure he would love it. As we were leaving, he wanted Dad to drive him. Uhhh. No. I took Tater to a birthday party last weekend and Tot got Dad. This time it was Tater's turn to stay home with Dad. Though, if Dad had realized they were going to run an open bar for the adults, he may have volunteered to go!

While in the car and getting ready to leave the conversation went something like this:

Tot: I want Daddy
Mom: It is Daddy's turn to be with Tater.
Tot: **SCREAM** Go Back, I want Daddy to drive me.
Mom: Do that again, we will go back and you will NOT go to the party.
Tot: hmphf... I love Daddy.
Mom: That's good.
Tot: I don't love you Mom.
Mom: **trying not to laugh out loud** Ok.
Tot: Can Daddy drive me?
Mom: We just had this conversation. If I turn this car around, there will be no party.
Tot: Hmphf... I love Daddy.
Mom: **quiet snicker**

Turns out he was pretty quiet after that and had a great time at the party. I must say that it was hilarious to have this conversation with Tot. Even funnier because last night Tot looked at me and said "Mom... I do love you." Yep. Kids keep me smiling.

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We get comments like this almost every week.

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