January 18, 2008

Last Full Day

It is the last full day of Mammaw at my house. And it is a day off of school for the boys. Wonder where she is going to go hide? hahahaha. Life is never boring at this house. It has been fantastic with her here. Just the little things. Finding the dishes done, the boys beds made, and the laundry done!!! That is awesome.

I'll be sad when she is gone, but I know she needs to get some quiet time and back to her own routine. She also needs to get back to see the caterpillars that are turning into butterflies ... she saved the caterpillars before she left. My sister, ddpups, has been taking care of them. Very cool.

Off to reading how to make ice cream, and making sure we have enough stuff to make cupcakes... maybe angel food cake as well...

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