February 11, 2008

Two O'clock, Three O'clock, Four O'clock rock...

Seems Tot is running me into the ground. He was running a 103 fever Saturday afternoon and it has been hit or miss since then on how high it was going to go or even if it was going to go down. Seems that time between 2am and 4am is the 'be-witching' hour for this go around. Last night it went from the chills so extreme his teeth chattered to a high temp. I am extremely tired. But I have another child to take care of and chores that must be completed. Particularly with a sick child in the house. Silly how a sick child that picks his nose can cause me to run around changing his clothes and wiping everything down over and over again to make sure no one else gets sick.

I had this weird song going through my head that I made the title...

Two o'clock, Three o'clock, Four o'clock rock,
Listen to that clock go tick tock.
Another night of worry, is Tot breathing without a hurry?
What time did I give him that Motrin? How long has it really been?

And it continues... someone really needs to examine my brain... then again, maybe not...

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