March 26, 2008

Meme: A Passion Quilt

Wow. I can't believe I got tag'd with a teacher meme. I am soooo not a teacher in how I immediately picture the word. I do NOT work well with large groups of children. Nor have I worked with children from difficult backgrounds. Yet Mrs. Who and Bou both have tag'd me with this meme.

I love working with my own kids and watching them learn and grow. Electronics, computers, magnets and more... In fact, one of my favorite was the volcanoes we made last summer.... with the flyby... (A great picture about learning in my eyes!)

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Yet, this meme requires me to tag 5 more people. Thinking about who have been teachers to me in the blog-o-sphere, the first person that comes to mind is _Jon. Surprised? Shouldn't be if you were me. A couple of years ago, _Jon gave me a 'job' to do. I sucked at it. It was a programming job. I was tired, and would fall asleep with my laptop on my lap trying to do the work. I was getting an average of 3 hours a sleep at night, but I really wanted to do this. I desperately wanted to be able to use my brain again. And he never said an unkind word... trust me, I did MUCH better before children and what I sent him... sucked. But he encouraged me and taught me that I can think again, that I can try. He taught me that a kind word and encouragement can make a difference. That is a great teacher. Tag _Jon, you're it.

Now to come up with 4 more. I can easily come up with more, but I am going to try to give very specific things that I have been taught by the people I choose. Trust me it is hard to decide which ones... but I hope when I'm through you'll understand I couldn't include everyone.

Bou has already been tag'd and she is one of those that tag'd me... but she has been a great teacher in my life. She taught me about how to make a difference a positive difference in someone's life just by being there. When I was in pre-term labor with Tot, she would come by once or twice a week, take Tater for 45 minutes and let me have some very necessary and needed time to myself. She would also pick up around the house and clean up the dishes. Considering I was suppose to be on bed rest, it was amazing how exhausted I would be by the time she got there. Now that my children have reached the ages her kids were at the time, I have a deep respect for all that she did. She taught me that a simple act of kindness, of taking some of my time and giving it to someone else, can make a huge impact on that person's life in a positive way. Particularly since she got me started in blogging... Tag - sorta, since you already have it done.

Let's not forget Harvey. When I was a fledgling blogger, he took me under his wing and helped me out. He taught me what I needed to know about the 'unwritten' rules of blogging, he taught me how to gain readership (before becoming a part of, how to be myself on my blog. He took the time to email me, and make me feel that I was doing ok. While he doesn't blog on his own 'home ground' as much any more, I am still tag'ing him.

The next one is an odd twist. It is someone who I found via another blogger... started reading her and was amazed at what she had to handle in her life. Her positive attitude most of the time. Then we talked via email because her son was diagnosed with asthma. She has taught me a great deal in remembering stuff my mom taught me, like how to be balanced and how to accept what is given to me. If you have not gone over to Cynthia at Walking On, you should. Cynthia, you need not do the meme, but I'm tagging you any ways.

There are a couple of blogs I read because they teach me about the world around me... my sister, Tink; physics geek; Ogre; and the one I'm going to add for my last tag... Decrepit Old Fool. Yep, I keep throwing out some crazy pitches. I may not necessarily agree with all of his opinions, but it is one of the reasons I read him. That and all the interesting stuff he puts out there. It requires me to keep thinking, keep learning. Isn't that what a teacher does? Keep you interested in learning? Tag, your it.

Enjoy and I hope everyone keeps on learning!

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ahhh! You forgot about the young girl and what she got on her ACT because of you!!! :) I didn't forget that... that was BIG.

Posted by: Bou at March 26, 2008 06:24 PM

I was thinking back about Tot's birth the other day. Tater was such a little guy. He was so content just walking up and down that hospital hall... we walked to various nurses stations... he just wanted to WALK.

and now look at him.

We blinked... and he got to kindergarten!

Posted by: Bou at March 26, 2008 06:27 PM

Mrs. Who tagged me too, so I have mine all done. :)

Posted by: Tink at March 26, 2008 11:28 PM