March 28, 2008

25 Ways to Simplify Life with Children - Zen Style

There is a blog I read called Zen Habits. This last week, he put out a post on Simplifying with Children in your life...

Here is an example that made me smile:

Toy bins. Itís an inevitable fact of life that kids have lots of toys, and that they will be everywhere. You will drive yourself crazy if you try to manage them with dictator-like ruthlessness. Instead, let kids play, but have lots of bins where they can toss the toys inside when theyíre done. Then cleaning up is a cinch ó they just toss everything on the floor into the bins, and move on to making their next mess. You can have designated bins for certain toys (this oneís for Legos, this oneís for stuffed animals, this oneís for cars), and also have some general-purpose bins for things that donít fit anywhere else. Donít be too strict about them ó the whole purpose is to make things simpler.

If you come to my house... you'll discover the labels on my bins have been removed. Yet the kids know where the dinosaurs go versus the star wars toys. Took me a while to learn this one.

There are other good tips, some I do already and some I am heading in that direction. It is just nice to see common sense written down for those of us who have to work so hard at it. GRIN. Go check it out if you want to see his suggestions for simplification.

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