July 06, 2007

Home from Surgery

I just spoke to VW and she is fine. She feels like crap, but she's fine.

I'll take her feeling like crap any day over any of the other possibilities. What she didn't mention on her post was the urologist had gone through various possibilities that could have caused her kidney to be in the shape it was in... polyps, cancer, and kidney stones.

So she left a message for me on my cell that day and if I'd not been worried enough about her, that made me sit up, take notice, and... go directly to Google to figure out if she could really have something has horrible as kidney cancer.

I called her back and said, "Unless you've had high exposure to cadmium or it runs in your family, or you're a male between the ages of 50 and 70, its slim that its cancer. Besides, it can't be because, making this about me, *I* can't deal with the thought that that's what it is. So... I'm sure its kidney stones."

And it was. Thankfully... because as painful and awful as kidney stones are the other alternative was just unthinkable.

So she is on her way home right now, stopping by CVS where the pharmacist will be her new best friend in providing her with what she needs with good rest and no pain.

I know she's happy and her family is ecstatic that she will be fine. But just after them, is me. I come in a very close third...

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