November 16, 2007

Three Years

and some times it seems just like time has not passed at all. I miss my dad. I love my dad. There are times I still talk to him about what is going on in my life. Just like I use to when I called him on the phone.

It amazes me how life continues without him. It is a cycle that we must all go through, live through. It has made me a different person.

So many things can change in three years. Tater is in Kindergarten, Tot is talking and walking. We live in a new house. My blog changed from something to let friends and family know about how you were doing and a list of happy thoughts about my kids to a scrapbook for and about my kids. And the list goes on and on and on. Though certain things don't change. The fact that I know the name of the Janitor at Tot's school (just like my dad knew everyone) or I can't remember the name of half the people I meet until I have talked to them 20 times! There is woman at Tot's school that I have breakfast with on occasion. I still have to cheat and look at the sign in sheet to see if her name is Kathy or Sue. My dad was that way with 'boyfriends'. He never got their names right. I always thought it was funny. It was one of the quirks that made my dad, well... dad. And every time I forget a name or meet someone new, I think of my Dad.

I love you Dad. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today.

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July 15, 2006

Papa and Animal Bites

Most of Dad's friends tried to keep their pets away from dad. Why? Because if they bit my dad, the pet died. He killed off two dogs and a bird that way. Didn't matter if it was done because the pet was mean or just playing...

A friend's dog 1st bit Dad 6 months after my folks were married. Then about 5 or 6 years later the next friend's dog. Seems that the story stayed alive and then many years later the bird.

Yaa... I can see why they kept their pets away from my Dad. Didn't get that gene... I can guarantee it.

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July 08, 2006

Practical Joke

This one is from one of my Dad's friends. Dad's name changed to Papa in the story.

I was thinking of a joke that Papa pulled on a major in 8th Air Force on Guam. Papa was down at Base Ops one day when he saw this Major that he knew getting out of his Volkswagen, grab his helmet and run into Base Ops., obviously late for preflight briefing. When Papa got close to the Volkswagen he noticed that the Major had left keys in it and it was still running. Papa turned it off and went into Base Ops. He decided to find out when the Major's flight was due to return, which was some 8 hours later. He then decided to go back to the car right before the Major was due to return, start the car up again, then observe from a distance and see his reaction. I guess the Major was quite surprised to find it running and still with plenty of gas. I believe that some time later Papa confessed to his joke.

Gotta love my dad and his ability to play a joke.

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July 01, 2006

Papa, the Prankster

Get my dad along with a friend and many pranks would happen. Like the time they taped a dead fish under mail box in the middle of summer. Stinky!

Or when they turned a friend's car sideways in the garage while said friend was on vacation. And this friend was brave enough to let them keep the keys to the house. Another time when this friend was going to the airport to get his wife... dad and crew went into the house and messed up the bed, put a bra on the bedpost and left undies on the floor.

And my sister wonders where Scamp got his 'joking nature'?. Then again... she played a prank on Dad every year for about 25 years on his birthday.

But not everything was simple pranks. When dad was younger, he was brave enough to steal a pie from the Women's Club window.

Yaa. I can't imagine even trying that when I was growing up. I'm sure Mom and Dad would have made sure I wasn't able to sit down for a week. GRIN.

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June 23, 2006

Papa and the Comet

A little background... over the next couple of months I will be telling stories about my parents on the weekends. This blog is my 'scrapbook'. For when I get old and want to remember stuff and for when my kids get older and I want to blackmail them (just joking on the blackmailing... I have enough stuff without the blog - GRIN). Hence, I want to remember stories about my mom and dad. Mom has kindly agreed to write a few up for me. Here is the first one:

One of the things my family use to do when I was growing up, was get up in the middle of the night to see 'shooting stars' or special cosmic activities. And here is one of my favorite stories about how crazy our family can be about it - from my mom (Mammaw)...

Two o'clock in the morning, Papa's at work, the kids and I are asleep. The phone rings, it's Papa telling me if I want to see the comet it is really bright ( I think it was Kohoutek) . So I get up, go out in the yard and try to find it. Finally I find it, a tiny speck with a tiny tail. He was flying 20,000 feet in the air, I was on the ground surrounded by street lights.
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