December 01, 2006

Needs A Caption

They invited everyone up to participate in a Jingle Bells song... I'll tell the rest of the story in the 'More Pawprints'... but this just needed a better caption / Title than I could give it (click to enlarge):

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Turns out that just as Tot got up there they ran out of Jingle Bells. He was looking at the man that was handing them out and realized he wasn't going to get any. Usually Tot will play along with any music... just ask the shoppers at Target, but he was pissed he didn't get any instrument to play.

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Buzz to the Rescue

We rode Buzz Lightyear many times this week… Tater said we had to ride that one and Peter Pan. Tot wanted to ride It’s a Small World. Yep. My boys have interesting taste.

Who ever is crazy enough to ride Buzz with Tot deserves what they get. I got sick to the stomach. He has no interest in firing the gun, all he wants to do is spin. The whole time. Spinning doesn’t usually get to me… but when we hit the dark tunnel with the red light. That did it for me. Dad refused to ride with Tot again as well. Any takers?

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And while Tater was posing with Booster and looking at Tot :

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Dad caught Tot and put him in Jail... and Tot is looking at Tater:

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November 30, 2006

Now This Is a Vacation

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BedTime at Disney

This is why we don't like the boys sleeping with us:

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November 28, 2006

Cute Pictures of Tot

= = = =

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SPD Emergency

I know some of you out there know what that is all about... it is the Power Rangers!!! And look who was willing to get in and have his picture taken:

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November 27, 2006

Breakfast at CP

An easy day on Sunday. We had breakfast with Tigger. It would have been nicer if more of the characters had come by, but it didn’t stop it from being a nice breakfast.

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Here is a hint for those planning to going to Disney… get breakfast reservations for early 8am in the morning at Crystal Palace (or any other place that will let you in before the park opens). You get to go in before the ‘9am’ insanity. They block off the access to the ride areas, but if you finish your breakfast before the 9am opening, you can be standing at the blocked off ride areas first.

Our breakfast was at 9:05, so it didn’t make a difference other than we got to get in early and just walk around the stores. It was nice not having a huge crowd all around you. We also got a nice picture of the castle and us

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November 26, 2006

Star Wars

On Saturday we were able to get to MGM an hour early… since we were staying at a Disney hotel it is one of the perks. Usually I don’t care, but it was worth it for one good reason. The boys got to go on the Star Wars ride. Seriously. Tater wouldn’t go until the attendant was kind enough to see if they had a ‘still’ ride going. They did. In fact, it was just the 4 of us. Since it wasn’t a motion ride, they allowed Tot to go on as well. It still seemed to move some just because of the movie screen. It was awesome. The boys loved it. Tot still talks about it.

And here are some pictures... notice the long sleeves... eventually it got to 38 F with windchill... will someone please let the weathermen know this is Florida?

= = = =

= = = =

Tater wouldn't join in the pictures initially. You'll see some of him soon.

= = =

Added bonus, we got a special picture of Darth Vader... click on More Pawprints to see it:

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The Trip

There are reasons why you should not have a large dog... here is one of them:

= = = =

Yaaa.... we're nuts. Luckily our in-laws were kind enough to take care of him while we were at Disney. In other words, he got a vacation as well.

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