July 11, 2005

Pensacola Update

As of tonight: Tink had no damage and has power. Mom stayed at Shorty's. Shorty has no damage but no power. They saw the power crews in her neighborhood, so hopefully they will have power within a day or two. Mom's house did great. They went to it today and saw that the last tree is still standing. Phew. It was leaning and we weren't sure if it would go down or not. Mom's neighborhood does not have power either. Since the generators are at Shorty's house, she'll be staying there.

If you went to the Pensacola News Journal website, you would see the long lines for gas. Hard to believe people are already out and trying to get more gas. It's only been one day. The best part, is most everyone was prepared and it went through quickly.

Thank you again for all your prayers, good wishes and good thoughts. {{hugs}}

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