January 08, 2005

Ein Beer Bitte

Ahhhh. Those were interesting days. I hate beer. Though, I did enjoy beer while living in Germany. I wish I had kept all those emails I sent out about the stuff I did over there. But I didn’t, such is life. Back to this story…

I did make some lifelong German friends. Every year we send a little gift over to each other. Little because otherwise it would cost a fortune to ship it. And this year, we got some great gifts. Including the item found around my son’s neck. The beer stein was given to us when we got married in 2000. I just couldn’t resist putting them together and taking a picture since #1 Son kept running off with the ??? (I don’t know the name for it – I call it the beer stein holder). He just made me think he was perfect for asking for “Ein Beer Bitte”.

(yep, that is Bou’s site you see on my Laptop. Didn’t realize it until I cropped the picture!)

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