January 08, 2005

Men and Lactation

Visiting Paul’s blog (Time Enough for Love) , I ran across an entry on Male Lactation that took me to THIS ARTICLE . Of course, I thought of Harvey, Orge, Graumagus, Contagion, Little Joe, T1G, Jack, Alex, Frank, and Glenn. Particularly the quote in the article “It is common knowledge that human males have nipples”. We have seen a few of these in the PJ party Harvey use to hold and other miscellaneous pictures/articles. I just couldn’t help but smile. I don’t know whether it was the discussion of breast feeding or thinking of those pictures/articles or my sick twisted sense of humor. Or better yet it was the quote “The volume of milk produced will be small relative to the amount that a female can produce.” I guess you have to have breast fed to really see the humor in this quote. But it made my day.
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