November 10, 2004

Monkey See Monkey Do

Or more like younger brother sees what older brother does and repeats. My #1 Son has a tendency to twirl his hair when he is tired or nervous… this morning I saw #2 Son watching #1 Son and then #2 Son grabbed his own hair and pulled it. At least #2 Son has not figured out how to twirl it yet.

Yesterday during Speech Therapy for #1 Son, #1 Son was saying the word ‘blue’. No, it doesn’t sound like blue but close. Suddenly #2 Son is saying it as well. And it sounded just like how #1 Son says it.

#1 Son goes to play with his enormous number of hot wheel cars, and right behind him goes #2 Son to try it as well. Though #2 Son has not figured out how to put them on the track yet. He is getting close.

And during our walking of the #1 DogSon yesterday I had the biggest laugh. #1 Son was making ‘raspberry’ noises (aka fart noises) and shaking his head. Every time he did this #2 Son roared with laughter. They kept this up for over 5 minutes. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard at the two of them.

Wonder what today will bring?

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