November 10, 2004

What Happened Over the Weekend?

It was a pleasant trip up to Pensacola. We stopped in a hotel overnight (see this post) and continued the next morning. We arrived by 1pm. The boys had both napped in the car and woke up as we arrived. Made it a little hard on them, but they were rested and they had fun once they really woke up.

I forgot to bring back pictures of the house before the cleanup. Oh my. It is just so hard to believe. And there is still so much to do. I have to brag about My Husband. My Husband was wonderful. He spent 2 days doing yard work to get their backyard looking decent. I have no idea how much time and money was spent to get it to the point it was at when we arrived but there was still so much to do. As it is, there is still more to do… fences to put up, borders to put it back up, and more.

The kids did their usually funny stuff. Tink, my oldest sister, was with #1 Son out in the backyard looking at Mamaw’s stuff. They had some cement animal that my #1 Son was pointing out to Tink… pointing out the Butt. Repeatedly. She was laughing so hard when she came back up, that all I could understand her to say was he was talking about the Big Butt.

#2 Son gave Tink a bunch of kisses. For those without a 1 year old around… it is like getting a wet sloppy kiss from a dog. At least from my 1 year old… open mouth, drool and sometimes a little tongue. Ugh. But Tink took it in stride and let him do it.

Shorty, my middle sister, (who I have decided to use her old nickname – mind you she is only 1 inch shorter than I am) played ball with #1 Son. I was worried. She was sitting in the grass and threw him the ball. He proceeded to get it and walk about 2 feet away from her and throw it back. Luckily she is well coordinated and caught it before it hit her in the face. They continued to play like this for a while. It was interesting to try and get #1 Son to back up. I would ask him to back up and he would take 3 steps back. Then when it was time to throw it, he would walk 3 steps forward. That’s my boy. Grin.

Ok, this is long enough. I have more to tell about Mamaw and Papa and the trip from the darker regions back home.

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