November 03, 2004

Hi Papa

My #1 Son likes to talk to Papa on the phone. The other night my Husband called me in to the room to hear #1 Son. Yep, he was saying “Hi Papa”, “blah blah blah”, “Bye Papa”. Did I mention he was holding his puppy by the tail and talking into the butt? GRIN.

Next, yesterday I hear him saying “Hi Papa”, “Bye Papa” while holding his hand up to his ear. So cute! Then I realized there was more to this than just his hand… specifically he was putting his finger in his ear. Hmm. I get suspicious. I go over and look at his ear. Oh geeze. There is a cheerio in it. I take it out.

About 15 minutes later, I need to take his temperature. He has the sniffles and I want to make sure he isn’t running a fever. I use an ear thermometer on #1 Son. For some reason it isn’t registering a temperature. I look into my son’s ear. Ta Da. There is another cheerio shoved even further into the ear. Sigh. This time I very carefully check both ears. All Clear. Also, no fever. It is still just his molar coming in the upper left that is causing the sniffles.

Amazing what kids will do. Wonder what I will find next (and where)?

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