October 21, 2004

What NOT to do on a Thursday Night

It was bound to happen. I love fudge. I know it takes ‘time’ to make fudge. But when you have 2 kids, a friend comes over and brings her kid; you just don’t have ‘time’. So up went the heat on the burners. Not a smart move. Just wanted to get it done faster. Hmmmm. Also thought we would try to make 3 batches at once. Bet you can guess where this is going. And you would be right. One batch is going to be used for a topping for ice cream. One batch hardened ok, but is a little gritty (not much – very edible). One batch would make a great cake icing. Not quit hard enough for fudge pieces, not soft enough for ice cream topping.

The day went by too fast and instead of slowing it down, I tried to speed it up some more. Never seems to work, but I just have to keep trying it every once in a while. While the kids were cute today, I am off to slow the day down and get some sleep. Stay tuned for the next episode... I’ll tell you more tomorrow about Jelly boy and Strawberry boy.

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