October 12, 2004

Short Stories and Odd Thoughts

#1 Son is always good for a story or two. We have been working so hard to get him to talk and this weekend he said “My ‘ouse”. I was so proud. I had Dad listen and our neighbor listen. He then said “Momma ‘ouse”, “Dadda ‘ouse”, “Baby ‘ouse”, “og ‘ouse”. Wow. I was excited. And again came out “My ‘ouse”. Now if I had paid attention, I would have realized what was really going on in my Son’s brain. He had discovered how to put into words what he really thought about stuff. Like today he ran over and grabbed a book from #2 Son and said “My Book!”. Hmmmm. I’m not liking the sounds of this. I have a feeling that over the next week, I’m going to have my life cut out for me.

#2 Son is walking all over the house. He also has a huge bruise down the side of his face. He and #1 Son were playing run around the couch the other night. It was hilarious. #2 Son is trying to walk (and gets about 3 steps in) when #1 Son comes zooming around and passes him. This causes #2 Son to start laughing. Many times he laughed so hard he fell. One of those times he took a face plant into the corner of the couch, hence the bruise. It did not stop him from getting back up and trying to go after his brother. I think #2 Son may have walked a whole 3 feet that night and they played for over 20 minutes. When he is not laughing, he is walking really well and even making some decent turns. I have a feeling over the next week, I’m going to have my life cut out for me. Hmmm. I think I’m repeating myself. Oh boy am I in trouble.

Odd thoughts: Why do we get so much fruit from other countries versus our own in the grocery store? I’m not talking about fruit that is out of season over here and can be gotten from the other side of the equator, I’m talking about the same fruit we grow here at the same time.

Why is it that cereal that is good for us has a distinct cardboard taste and feel? I try to hide it with fruit but my kids have discovered this and have a tendency to eat it.

Why does a child’s tennis shoe cost $40 and mine only $15? I can’t believe less materials cost more. And I can’t believe it is due to manufacturing costs, they make a whole lot of these kids’ shoes.

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