October 11, 2004

Smells so Good

I am definitely a person who notices the smell of different items. It also can evoke different moods and memories. Smelling spaghetti sauce cooking or fresh bread baking causes a warm fuzzy. My Husband sweating after working hard, particularly house work, causes a lu-stful feeling. The smell of trees and flowers can bring back memories of growing up. When I was single I quit dating a man because he didn’t smell right. Cologne can mask some smells but not all the time.

Though the smells I remember most bring back good feelings or memories. And I have a new smell I have added to my collection – my children. There is nothing in the world like smelling a child just after his bath. My kids squirm to get away from me because I will just hold them and sniff their hair and neck. Of course sometimes it turns into a game and I make them laugh by sniffing like a puppy dog all over their face and neck.

Ahhhh. Life is good and after bath time it smells so good too!

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