October 07, 2004

Bou and Breakfast

There is so much to talk about I am not sure where to start. I guess the real eye catcher would be to start in the middle and talk about Aunt Bou teaching my #1 Son about master - bation and how to put on con - doms. Hmmm. Bet I got your attention now. Actually she was helping him with the crayons at the restaurant this morning and my mind was just not in the right frame. The crayon wrapper came off extremely easy and I saw her showing #1 Son how to push the crayon through the wrapper. So when I saw the tip of the crayon missing with her hand wrapped around it and pushing the wrapper down the crayon and the tip of the crayon come out. I just lost it and started to smile. She did this a couple of times before she saw me staring at her. About that time my son then took the wrapper all the way off. She proceeded to show him how to put the wrapper back on. I thought I was going to ROTLF except #2 Son was asleep so I was just smiling really big. He took it off, she put it on. Finally he tried to put it on. I was dieing to laugh at loud.

Some of the lesser items from breakfast, but made me a proud Mom. He actually greeted Bou when he saw her. He said “Hi Bouie”. Yes, he adds an ie or y to everything lately. They actually held a conversation, though she didn’t understand much of what he said. I was still proud that he tried to talk. The other item that really thrilled me was at the end of breakfast he said ‘P’. I asked if he needed to ‘pee’ and wanted to go to the bathroom and he nodded yes. Yaaaa. Off to the bathroom we went. Now I have a new rule, do not take your son out with jeans on when he is learning how to go to the bathroom. It is difficult for a boy to get his pants down to his ankles and it is also difficult to point his pe-nis down if he can’t get his legs apart due to said jeans. Live and learn.

We also made HUGE progress with #2 Son and Bou. She was able to ‘get in his space’ without him crying or lunging for me. Ahhh. Life is finally settling down. Wonder what’s next up next on the chart of child insanities?

Side note: Bou may not be biologically related, but the kids get to see her at least once a month. Because of that calling her Aunt works for me, particularly since my sisters are over 700 miles away and sister-in-law is in Jersey.

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