October 06, 2004

To Bill B

Bill, I know you have been a faithful reader because of the conversations you have with my dad. I also know it may be a while before you are out here again. I’m putting this out here, for you and me, to let the whole blog world know – I am so sorry your wife died yesterday. I know you have a huge gathering of family and friends to support you, but I am here for you as well.

My favorite story of you and I was the one my mom told me and which I do remember a little bit by myself. I was about 6 years old when you decided to get married. You and I played a lot together back then. Grin. And you came to me one day and told me about your future wife. You asked if I would give you permission to marry her. I actually remember thinking very hard about that question. It made me feel that I was an important part of your life then. I told you yes, that it was ok for you to marry her. That was over 34 years ago. You married her and you stayed together for all those years. In fact, mom says that you might have not married her if I had said no! ;-) ;-)

And I feel lucky that you and your wife came by not to long ago to see my #1 Son and family. I love those pictures. If you ever decided to come back down to Florida again, please, please come by. I think you would enjoy seeing both my kids especially as you have watched them grow in this blog.

Bill, I’m not good with words of sympathy, so the best I can do is say – I wish I was there to give you a hug. Hugging I’m good at giving. So here is my Hug to you.

Love, VW

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