October 04, 2004

Stoplights and I

Ok, I admit it. I have a real pet peeve for the number of stoplights we have at one intersection. The two hurricanes have helped me prove my point. Now do not be mistaken, we need stoplights, we just don’t need 10 stoplights for one direction. Point and case:

There is a road I travel in an eastward direction almost daily. At one of the intersections there is a right turn lane, 3 lanes going straight and 2 left turn lanes. Over the last 3 weeks there has been 2 lights going. 1 for the straight ahead and 1 for the left turn lane. (side note: in Florida you can turn right on red). I’ve glanced through the traffic reports, and there has been NO wrecks in that intersection. Hmmm… now when they get it fixed it will have 10 traffic lights installed just for eastbound traffic. Those things are expensive and my tax dollars are paying for them. Not only that, take some of those intersections which have an EXCESS of lights and move those to the intersections that have NO lights.

Oops, my pc is acting up again. Guess this will be my last post for today (possible tomorrow). Please feel free to leave comments and I’ll sneak onto my Husband’s PC to answer / reply. Back to the drawing board!

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