October 03, 2004

The Trip to Lion Country Safari

We went to LCS (Lion Country Safari) and I’m going to show off my children. Here are 3 pictures to enjoy. It was really fun since #1 Son is getting to be able to recognize the animals and make noises or remarks about them. For the elephants he mentioned the noses, for the rhinos he said PU (mainly because the rhino’s butt was facing his window about 3 feet away – GRIN), and he mentioned the necks for the giraffes. #2 Son just played with a toy car. For those who have never been to LCS, it is a drive through park where the animals roam around you. They can come right up to the car or even cause you to have to stop as a herd of Zebras cross the road. See link above for more details.

The first picture is #1 Son trying to drive. It belongs to a car on a track for the kids to make it go around with the steering wheel. I refused to pay $1 for my child to do this. But it made for a cute picture especially since we asked #1 Son to stay there so we could take his picture. I love the expression.

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The next picture is #2 Son trying to drive. Same track, still refused to pay. Grin.

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Last picture is the one in the car on the way home. Ahhhh. Bliss. Side Note: #1 Son is holding the brochure to the park. He loves the pictures and he loves the animals.

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Ok, time for some sleep. I’ll post more tomorrow.

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