October 03, 2004

The Playdate

It has always been entertaining to get my #1 Son together with his playmate, JC. JC is 4 months older than #1 Son and just a little taller. JC has always been the very cautious one when it comes to doing anything. #1 Son goes to the tallest slide and climbs up the slide while JC sits at the bottom and looks up. I try not to freak, because #1 Son is about 3 feet above my head and looking over said slide yelling at JC to join him and JC yells back for #1 Son to come down. Luckily JC’s Mom is really comfortable with the kids climbing, jumping, pushing and the general things kids do. In fact, she continues to encourage JC to climb with #1 Son. And kindly went up the slide to make sure #1 Son did not JUMP, while I stayed at the bottom with #2 Son and JC. The nice part for me is that JC speaks extremely well, so this encourages #1 Son to speak (see previous post about speech therapy). The Moms like each other and the sons like each other. Best of both worlds.

Just recently we got together at JC’s house. I was proud of #1 Son, for the first time he said JC’s name! Yaaa… of course he was yelling at him to ‘come JC’ as he ran from the living room to JC’s room. Both boys were running full out like a couple of Tasmanian Devil’s. JC’s Mom and I laughed as they ran into each other, fell on each other, chased one another… but I laughed the hardest at #2 Son. He so wanted to join in the fun. He would finally stand up and the two boys would run by and down he would go. Ok, off crawling after them he would go… then wooosh they would go by in the other direction. So up stood #2 Son and wooosh as they went by and down he would go… and this continued for a good 10 minutes.

Like normal, JC learned a new way to crawl up into his bed (don’t ask) and #1 Son picked up some new words as well. #2 Son… well, he was exhausted but not harmed. I can’t wait until #2 Son is really walking well and we have another outing. It should be fun.

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