September 20, 2004

6 or Cute?

I could not make up my mind what to call this entry. 3 + 3 is NOT equal to 6 OR How to be Cute at 2am. It amazes me what my #1 Son can do to get his Dad to laugh at 2 in the morning. My Husband is NOT a morning person. I try not to talk to him for the first 30 minutes. Yet my #1 Son can wake up screaming, have Dad go into comfort him and then #1 Son puts on a show that has Dad (and eventually Mom) cracking up. Though it took Dad 3 tries to get Mom out of bed to see it. Something about being up with #2 Son at 1am does not make me want to get up again between the hours of 2am to 4am. But Dad succeeded and out I came to see what #1 Son was doing.

Some background might help you understand the pride and the humor of this situation. #1 Son was tested at a child development center. I was worried about his lack of speech. He tested above average in verbal comprehension, non-verbal comprehension, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. He tested average on Social skills (hmmm, might be due to the fact that he only sees another kid once or twice a month). He tested below average in Speech. Gee, like that was a surprise? (note the sarcasm).

So last night was humorous in the fact that my #1 Son would NOT shut up. He was trying to tell some story about bugs, #1 DogSon, and a cow. He used his arms, his facial expressions and some little jig to do this story as well as talked the WHOLE time. I only recognized a few words. Who knows what the dog, cow and bugs were doing? Maybe #1 Son. He repeated this exact story over and over and over and over…. Which was also cute. But Mom is not that patient of a woman at that time of the morning and soon put an end to the cuteness and said SLEEP is priority. Seeing it once, even twice – was cute. After that… it was late, I was tired… hence the 3 + 3 does NOT equal 6. I got 3 hours sleep, then was awake, then got 2 ½ hours sleep (rounded up to 3). But you can in no way call that 6 hours sleep.

I am proud of my #1 Son. He has started to talk. I am hoping with the speech therapist (who is training me, not him) that we can get that story out and even understand every word. So I guess I should have named this entry How to be Cute at 2am.

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