September 19, 2004

Papa is enjoying air conditioning

Here is the latest update on my family for those family and friends reading this blog. Papa is enjoying air conditioning and tv in the West Florida Hospital. There is a picture of the Hospital in the Pensacola News Journal. The set of pictures is labeled "Navarre, Navarre Beach and West Florida Hospital (9-18-04)". It's the last picture, of course. Grin. My Retired Marine Bro-in-law said the hospital looked like it had been bombed. Oh well... The Hospital got power last night after Papa was checked in and he is enjoying the air conditioning and tv today.

Basically, they are running tests on his lymph nodes and neck. The nodes are swollen. I will let everyone know more as the doctors let us know more.

Since it doesn't look like Mamaw and Papa will be going to their own home soon, the Retired Marine Bro-in-law, went to the folks house and cleaned out their fridge and freezer. He had been running the generator, so most of the food was still good. He gave the majority of the good stuff to a neighbor who was cooking for the National Guard. They are going to eat well tonight! Chicken, steaks, pizza. :-) And now my sis and family have a few more good meals at her house.

My sis, Tink, in Niceville is doing terrific. Her daughter and family came back from their 'vacation' in Atlanta and all are doing fine. Tink is available to go to P'cola when the roads clear up some more and there is gas more readily obtainable. Of course she would go now if it was an emergency. But everyone really is doing fine considering the conditions.

Still waiting on pictures of Myrtle Grove, my sis said it looked terrible and was surprised it wasn’t in the news. Of course it’ll be a week or so before I get pictures here (or even longer!).
When I do, I'll be sure to post a few for everyone to see.

That's all for now!

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